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How it all Began...

About Us

"The best Bar-B-Que in the county!
Or maybe the state!
Or maybe the whole South!"

That’s what folks said about the Bar-B-Que Lucille Buchanan grew up eating in her Grandma’s lunch shack, a tiny little nothing of a place on a back road, outside of a small town. But Lucille didn’t know any different. It was just Granny’s cooking, and she loved it.

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She loved the special spice rubs and savory wet “mops” and sauces that Granny had perfected over the years. She loved all the fixin’s, like buttermilk biscuits, cheese grits, and slaw. Most of all, she loved the Bar-B-Que—cooked nice and slow in the gentle smoke of hickory wood, until the meat became sweet and succulent and so tender it would fall off of the bone if you so much as looked at it.

But a few years down the road, Lucille began to wonder if there might be something more to life—and food—that what she knew from hanging on her Granny’s apron strings. So she packed up her suitcase and set out to taste-test her way through the South. Countless pit stops later, though, Lucille figured that the folks back home had been right all along: Granny’s cooking was the best. And there was nothing like it this side of Dixie.

So when she finally decided to take off her wandering shoes and settle down, what did Lucille do but open up a lunch counter of her own, bringing the best of Southern Bar-B-Que to Southern California. And just as you’d expect, folks started talkin’…


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